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Homework is valuable for pupil training, mental discipline, and for absorbing material presented in class. Every assignment has a definite purpose. Parents are to see that the child has a suitable, quiet place in which to study. Children should be encouraged to work independently. Help may be given in further explanation, or in working similar problems, but not in doing the work for the child. Some children work more rapidly than others; some dally and daydream and are easily distracted. Guidance and supervision must be given as needed. An interest on the part of the parents in a child's assignments and accomplishments is one of the best means of motivation to spur the child to more intensive and exacting work. Parents are asked to check the assignments frequently before they are handed in. Note the neatness, the spelling, the paper, etc.. The same interest should be shown in reviewing graded papers. If a child brings home a paper to be checked and signed, there must be a definite reason. Your signature is an indication to the teacher that you have seen the paper and not necessarily that you are satisfied with the work.

The child must feel that there is full cooperation and a good rapport between the parent and the teacher. This will strengthen the work of each. Parents are urged to encourage children to frequent libraries and read good educational books to broaden their outlook. Books read for enjoyment are also a means of enrichment, but these should be checked into as to their nature, their language, and above all, their moral value.

If a long-range assignment is given, there is a purpose in it. Do not accept a statement that it can be done the last minute or the last day. The child must realize that his/her responsibility is to his/her schoolwork.

How to Enroll

In order to be considered for enrollment to St. Veronica School, an application must be completed and sent or brought to the office. Click here to download an enrollment package.

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Quick Facts

Grades: Pre-K (3-4) year old programs Full day Kindergarten through 8th grade

School Hours: 
9:05am to 3:35pm

Extended Care:
7:00am to 6:00pm

Enrollment: Year Round based on availability

School Tours: By Appointment

Faculty: All teachers are State and Diocesan Certified

Diocesan Curriculum Aligned with State and National Standards