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Our Pre-School curriculum (Rainbow Patch) follows the guidelines established by the Early Childhood Council of the Diocese of Trenton. We endeavor to create a learning experience for our children, which is solidly based on the practices promoted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Our children in Rainbow Patch are made comfortable in a responsive, preparing, and adaptiveenvironment where they have direct hands-on experience with stimulating learning materials which foster active-directed and self-directed learning in a variety of subject areas.

Children are introduced to God and how He made the world and the people around them. Since they are still egocentric at this age, our religious curriculum fosters learning about God through special things He made for them. This includes learning that God made our feelings, our families, our friends, our five senses, animals, water, food, and other things that they can easily relate to. The children also learn that God created each one as a special person who can accomplish many things through God's Grace.

Language Development includes color recognition, letter recognition, producing letter sounds, and an introduction to letter writing. The children are introduced to spatial concepts such as over and under, opposites, and rhyming. Children also build their vocabulary through singing, story telling, and dramatic play.

Mathematical concepts are fostered by learning to count by rote, number and shape recognition, sequencing and categorizing objects by size, shape, color, and texture.

Science includes many hands-on experiences and covers a wide range of topics and activities: cooking, nutrition, dental hygiene, keeping healthy, the seasons, hibernation, weather, plants, and the planets.

Fine Motor Skills are developed through printing, coloring, painting, cutting, tearing, gluing, using play dough, doing puzzles, and stringing beads.

Gross Motor Skills are built through various physical activities such as: hopping, jumping, running, skipping, playing with balls, bean bags and hula hoops, dancing and playing games.

Social and Emotional Skills are fostered in a loving, enhanced Christian environment. This emphasizes such skills as: learning to play and share cooperatively with others, gaining appropriate control over our feelings, accepting authority, developing good listening skills which enables the children to follow directions, developing the ability to work independently, learning to be responsible for themselves and their belongings, and most importantly developing a good self image

How to Enroll

In order to be considered for enrollment to St. Veronica School, an application must be completed and sent or brought to the office. Click here to download an enrollment package.

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Quick Facts

Grades: Pre-K (3-4) year old programs Full day Kindergarten through 8th grade

School Hours: 
9:05am to 3:35pm

Extended Care:
7:00am to 6:00pm

Enrollment: Year Round based on availability

School Tours: By Appointment

Faculty: All teachers are State and Diocesan Certified

Diocesan Curriculum Aligned with State and National Standards