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Report Cards

Report cards are issued three times a year - December, March, and June. Parents may access these report cards through Parent Portal. These should be carefully examined and analyzed by the parents, with special attention given to Personal/Social Development and Conduct. These marks usually indicate the child's cooperation and may often explain the grades received. Report Card marks are obtained by averaging the class work, assignments, and tests of a given period.

A child's progress is carefully noted by the teacher during the year, and whenever necessary, a conference is arranged with the parents in order to gain their support and indicate the child's needs. If there is not sufficient progress by January, the pupil's work is evaluated by all the teachers involved, the Principal and School Social Service personnel. If weakness is denoted in only one area, summer school or private tutoring is recommended. In some cases the pupil will repeat the grade, but ONLY if it is considered profitable for the pupil. Child Study Team testing may be recommended so that a child needing specialized teaching can be placed in the Resource Room or receive state-funding Supplemental Instruction.

Parents should recognize the fact, that intellectual ability is a gift from God given in various degrees at birth. Every person is asked to work according to the best of his/her ability. Individual differences must be recognized and provisions made for the pupil according to his/her needs. The school's chief concern is the child and what is best for him/her.


How to Enroll

In order to be considered for enrollment to St. Veronica School, an application must be completed and sent or brought to the office. Click here to download an enrollment package.

Catholic Education

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Quick Facts

Grades: Pre-K (3-4) year old programs Full day Kindergarten through 8th grade

School Hours: 
9:05am to 3:35pm

Extended Care:
7:00am to 6:00pm

Enrollment: Year Round based on availability

School Tours: By Appointment

Faculty: All teachers are State and Diocesan Certified

Diocesan Curriculum Aligned with State and National Standards